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Warming Up For Spring March 4, 2012

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It’s still technically winter, but there is something in the air that tells us spring is on the way, the clocks are not long due to change, the evenings and mornings are getting ligther and the garden is trying to look more spring like every time we open the curtains.

The chickens are most definitely warming up for spring; the increase in day light has made a big difference. Mave is back baby. After a long hiatus from laying since October in fact, getting over lice and an early and prolonged moult she’s back. Her comb had shrunk and become dull but she was fine spirits, bar the indignities of my insistent inspections but her comb is back to its full shape, her ears, wattle and comb are back to a beautiful vibrant red and all the girls have come back into themselves.

Although we’ve not kept chickens for very long and I still fail not to get excited with every egg in the nest boxes, Wednesday was a particular thrill, three eggs! All different in size, shape and colour.

Maves so tiny but perfectly formed but such exciting times…a full nest box!  A palatable hopefulness for the future in the air and a positive reinforcement for me that all my girls are happy and hearty. Even with this thick fog that starts the day there are tiny signs all around that spring really is on its way.