The Adventures Of Coop & The Gang

Our First Snow Day February 5, 2012

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Well our girls wouldn’t have even been a glint in the eye the last time we saw settled snow.

They didn’t see at all put off ealier in the month as the snow fell, but I suspect that was because they thought it was a shower of corn.

This mornings response to the snow came as no great surprise, all very non plussed. Doris stepped on it, around it & tried to eat it. Florence was the first to brave some eager steps, albeit the already melted ones.

It was Mave who bravely led the group out to the clearing & through the snow to the top of the garden.

Heres a few of my favourite shots of the day


Coop & The Gang

Flo In The Snow

The Gang

Snow Day Family Portrait

Foot Prints In The Snow


2 Responses to “Our First Snow Day”

  1. Love those footprints in the snow! Imagine the cold feet though.

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